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Best medicine known to man :) Verified store and product people !

I was in a horrible car crash Sept. 7th 2014, I was air cared to UC, I was in ICU for 9 days and remained hospitalized 3 months. I never used to have trouble going to sleep but since my accident I will lay in bed hours, on really bad nights sometimes its all night, with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep but I just can’t. I believe being on a dilaudid drip for so long during my hospital stay then morphine and oxycodone for a while plays a big role in my sudden insomnia, also I was diagnosed with GAD 6 years ago which I’m sure sometimes adds to my trouble sleeping. ZzzQuil or Benadryl helped some at first but now neither help at all. Finally was given Zolpidem 10mg and I LOVE it, I fall asleep and sleep all night. Definitely recommend it!




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